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Our projects range from satellite remote sensing studies where we for example study the effects of large icebergs on phytoplankton productivity to 3-D numerical modeling where we can simulate the effect of iron fertilization on carbon gasexchagne. We also grow Antarctic phytoplankton cultures in our lab, where we are interested in species-specific photophysiology, nutrient uptake, iron stress response and more. Although most of our research is focusing on the Ross Sea Polynya in Antarctica, other projects cover the Antarctic as a whole, the Arctic and warmer regions like the Red Sea. More details about all our projects can be found here. To best illustrate the breadth of research done in our lab browse through our extensive list of publications.

A list of protocols of common measurements/experiments done in our lab are compiled here. These include chlorophyll analyses, phosphate measurements, P vs. E curves, spectral particular absorption, phytoplankton media preparation, etc.

Finally, some handy tools and websites commonly used in our lab can be found on this page.

Last updated: May 12, 2005