Biological Oceanography / Marine Chemistry

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Biological Oceanography

Marine Chemistry

4 April Introduction (students names, class format, historical perspective, relevance) Introduction: Chemical Oceanography the Big Picture; Ocean basins; Historical perspective
6 April The Abiotic Environment Properties of Water and Seawater
Start Challenge 1a; Challenge 1a due; Start Challenge 1b
11 April Surface Circulation Temperature; Salinity; Density; General Ocean Circulation
13 April Phytoplankton, Photosynthesis, and Respiration Major Elements in the Ocean
18 April Physical Controls of Primary Production Trace Elements in the Ocean
Challenge 1b due; Start Challenge 2
20 April Field Trip - Cruise on Monterrey Bay
25 April Distribution of Primary Production Marine Chemical Mass Balance (Box and Transport Reaction Models)
27 April Zooplankton Systematics & Distributions Life in the Oceans: The Chemical Connection
2 May Biological Pump I: Energy and Food Webs The Biological Pump; Particle Flux
4 May Biological Pump II: Biogeochemical Cycles Chemical Equilibrium; Ion Complexes; Speciation
Challenge 2 due; Start Challenge 3
Saturday! 6 May Field Trip - Cruise on San Francisco Bay
9 May Lab - Hydrography & Plankton
11 May Biological Pump III: Decomposition and Remineralization Acid-Base Reactions; Carbonate Chemistry (Alkalinity, DIC)
16 May Deep-Sea Benthic Ecology REDOX Chemistry
18 May Field Trip - Tidepools (1/2 day)
Challenge 3 due, Start Challenge 4
23 May Rocky and Sandy Shores Seawater Composition Changes (global cycles)
25 May Estuaries, Coral Reefs and Mangroves Hydrothermal Processes
30 May Human Impacts on the Marine Environments Marine Sediments
Challenge 4 due
1 June Glacial Iron Hypothesis Radioactive Tracers + Stable Isotopes
6 June Cruise Synthesis & Final Presentations Paleoceanography