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Picture: 2
Filename: thumb_antpol.jpg
Description: Cumulative ice concentration over several winter months showing polynyas
Picture: 3
Filename: thumb_al.jpg
Description: Al, Joe and Kevin are sampling with a rosette system during a field trip as part of the biological oceanography/marine chemistry course (Monterey Bay)
Picture: 4
Filename: thumb_uarray.jpg
Description: Microarray showing active/inactive genes of Synechocystis
Picture: 5
Filename: thumb_torch.jpg
Description: Dale and Lindsey are melting some glass in the lab
Picture: 6
Filename: thumb_sudlight2.jpg
Description: Sudeshna is shooting the light spectrum in San Francisco Bay
Picture: 7
Filename: thumb_sudlight1.jpg
Description: Sudeshna is shooting the light spectrum in San Francisco Bay
Picture: 8
Filename: thumb_seaice.jpg
Description: Sea ice in the Ross Sea, Antarctica (Modis Satellite Image)
Picture: 9
Filename: thumb_rossshelve.jpg
Description: Ross Ice Shelf
Picture: 10
Filename: thumb_ross.jpg
Description: Ross Sea Polynya chlorophyll in 2001 while iceberg B-15A was grounded
Picture: 11
Filename: thumb_rochaqa.jpg
Description: Rochelle taking water samples from a Niskin bottle in the Gulf of Aqaba
Picture: 12
Filename: thumb_penpalmer.jpg
Description: R/V N.B. Palmer in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Picture: 13
Filename: thumb_pancake.jpg
Description: Pancake ice in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Picture: 14
Filename: thumb_oceanin.jpg
Description: itself
Picture: 15
Filename: thumb_icealgae.jpg
Description: Ice algae
Picture: 16
Filename: thumb_dolphins.jpg
Description: Dolphins in the Gulf of Aqaba
Picture: 17
Filename: thumb_cult7.jpg
Description: Phaeocystis antarctica
Picture: 18
Filename: thumb_cult6.jpg
Description: Fragilariopsis curta
Picture: 19
Filename: thumb_cult5.jpg
Description: Fragilariopisi cylindrus
Picture: 20
Filename: thumb_cult4.jpg
Description: Nitzschia subcurvata
Picture: 21
Filename: thumb_cult3.jpg
Description: Phytoplankton culture
Picture: 22
Filename: thumb_cult2.jpg
Description: Phytoplankton culture
Picture: 23
Filename: thumb_cult1.jpg
Description: Phytoplankton culture
Picture: 24
Filename: thumb_ctd.jpg
Description: Rosette system with niskin bottles
Picture: 25
Filename: thumb_cortez.jpg
Description: False color chlorophyll in Baja California
Picture: 26
Filename: thumb_clean.jpg
Description: Al in the clean room
Picture: 27
Filename: thumb_cases.jpg
Description: Quasi-true color of land/ocean/sea ice in the Cape Bathurst polynya region (Arctic)
Picture: 28
Filename: thumb_b15.jpg
Description: Modis satellite image of iceberg B-15A in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Picture: 29
Filename: thumb_aqupw.jpg
Description: Spatial and temporal distribution of chlorophyll in the Gulf of Aqaba
Picture: 30
Filename: thumb_pacol.jpg
Description: Phaeocystis antarctica colony
Picture: 31
Filename: thumb_rsspecies.jpg
Description: Well defined and predictable distribution of P.antarctica (blue) and diatoms (red) in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Picture: 32
Filename: thumb_mmvort.jpg
Description: Matt measuring nutrients on the spectrophotometer
Picture: 33
Filename: thumb_lkfilter.jpg
Description: Lindsey filtering some more phytoplankton samples
Picture: 34
Filename: thumb_lkdisp.jpg
Description: Lindsey adding acetone to chlorophyll sample
Picture: 35
Filename: thumb_n2p.jpg
Description: The two lines, showing different N:P ratios for diatoms and Phaeocystis antarctica
Picture: 36
Filename: thumb_scint.jpg
Description: Gert counting radioactive carbon-14 on a liquid scintillation counter
Picture: 37
Filename: thumb_byZaneJobe.jpg
Description: A whale observed Zane Jobe during a field trip in the Monterey as part of the Biological Oceanography/Marine Chemistry course
Picture: 38
Filename: thumb_vials.jpg
Description: More vials ready to be counted on the liquid scintillation counter
Picture: 39
Filename: thumb_steril.jpg
Description: Sterilizer
Picture: 40
Filename: thumb_phyto.jpg
Description: Fragilariopsis curta
Picture: 41
Filename: thumb_nn2.jpg
Description: Lots of nutrient samples from our phytoplankton cultures
Picture: 42
Filename: thumb_nn.jpg
Description: More nutrient samples from our phytoplankton cultures
Picture: 43
Filename: thumb_chn.jpg
Description: Sample prep for filters to be analyzed on a mass spectrometer
Picture: 44
Filename: thumb_ac.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn counting cells on a microsope
Picture: 45
Filename: thumb_sudscatter.jpg
Description: Scattering regions in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Picture: 46
Filename: thumb_strategy.jpg
Description: Three different growth strategies for phytoplankton
Picture: 47
Filename: thumb_par.jpg
Description: Global PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation)
Picture: 48
Filename: thumb_o3.jpg
Description: Global ozone, showing low ozone in the Antarctic
Picture: 49
Filename: thumb_felig.jpg
Description: The importance of ligands in the bioavailability of iron
Picture: 50
Filename: thumb_lines.jpg
Description: Tasha's three fingers in the Ross Sea
Picture: 51
Filename: thumb_arctic.jpg
Description: Ice concentration in the Arctic
Picture: 52
Filename: thumb_latlon.jpg
Description: A satellite image pixel area calibration tool
Picture: 53
Filename: thumb_ecoz.jpg
Description: Different ecological zones in the Antarcitc
Picture: 54
Filename: thumb_ph1cell.jpg
Description: Phaeocystis antarctica
Picture: 55
Filename: thumb_phcells2.jpg
Description: Phaeocystis antarctica
Picture: 56
Filename: thumb_phcells3.jpg
Description: Phaeocystis antarctica
Picture: 57
Filename: thumb_viola-and-a-chick.jpg
Description: Viola and a penguin chick
Picture: 58
Filename: thumb_sat_adelie_foraging.jpg
Description: Places where penguins forage in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Picture: 59
Filename: thumb_h37-with-its-chick-15.jpg
Description: Tagged penguin H37 with it's chick
Picture: 60
Filename: thumb_gls_croz_2003.jpg
Description: Places where penguins go forage in the winter in the Ross Sea
Picture: 61
Filename: thumb_photosyn1.jpg
Description: Our photosynthetron with fiber-optic light source
Picture: 62
Filename: thumb_photosyn2.jpg
Description: Our photosynthetron with fiber-optic light source
Picture: 63
Filename: thumb_seadas.jpg
Description: A 'cloudy' SeaDAS session
Picture: 64
Filename: thumb_lab.jpg
Description: Our ocean-bio-geo-chemistry lab
Picture: 65
Filename: thumb_parsensor.jpg
Description: Monitoring PAR in our incubator
Picture: 66
Filename: thumb_labcourse.jpg
Description: Lindsey, Tasha, Sudeshna and Rochelle participating in a Lab as part of Adv. Biological Oceanography course
Picture: 67
Filename: thumb_pco2_RSP.jpg
Description: Extremely low pCO2 in Ross Sea (<150uatm), comparison of field measurements with CIAO model output
Picture: 68
Filename: thumb_dna_pa_gel.jpg
Description: DNA material of P.antarctica to be sequenced
Picture: 69
Filename: thumb_icethicknessross.jpg
Description: Modeled sea ice thickness in the Ross Sea using POLAIR
Picture: 70
Filename: thumb_c16.jpg
Description: Iceberg C-16 and the active volcano Mt. Erebus, Ross Island (MODIS-Aqua Nov-29-2000)
Picture: 71
Filename: thumb_correl_prod_sst.jpg
Description: Correlation between production and SST in some part of the Southern Ocean
Picture: 72
Filename: thumb_amundsen_from_helicop.jpg
Description: CCGS Amundsen in the Arctic
Picture: 73
Filename: thumb_amundsen_in_ice.jpg
Description: CCGS Amundsen in the ice (Arctic)
Picture: 74
Filename: thumb_midn_sun_meltponds.jpg
Description: Midnight sun and meltponds (Arctic)
Picture: 75
Filename: thumb_molly_heli_trip.jpg
Description: Molly in a helicopter over the Arctic
Picture: 76
Filename: thumb_molly_ice_coring.jpg
Description: Molly coring the ice in front of CCGS Amundsen
Picture: 77
Filename: thumb_cover_grl2002.jpg
Description: On the cover of Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 29(7), 2002
Picture: 78
Filename: thumb_anthro_tco2_shelf.jpg
Description: Anthropogenic TCO2 mixing to the bottom on the Ross Sea continental shelf
Picture: 79
Filename: thumb_seaice_2007vs2006.jpg
Description: Difference in minimum sea ice between 2006 and 2007 in the Arctic
Picture: 80
Filename: thumb_gemma_glue.jpg
Description: Gemma gluing a special cap for growing phytoplankton tracemetal clean
Picture: 81
Filename: thumb_matt_washing.jpg
Description: Matt washing many bottles in preparation for an Antarctic cruise
Picture: 82
Filename: thumb_pam.jpg
Description: PAM-fluorometer for measuring Fv/Fm and lots more
Picture: 83
Filename: thumb_arctic_bathymetry.jpg
Description: Bathymetry of the Arctic
Picture: 84
Filename: thumb_arctic_lons.jpg
Description: Rainbow longitude array of the Arctic
Picture: 85
Filename: thumb_crabeater_seals.jpg
Description: Crabeater Seals on the ice, Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Picture: 86
Filename: thumb_dynalife.jpg
Description: DynaLife IPY Project Logo
Picture: 87
Filename: thumb_happyfeet.jpg
Description: Happy Feet! (Adelie penguins, Neumayer Station)
Picture: 88
Filename: thumb_iceberg_sunset.jpg
Description: Table iceberg at sunrise, off Neumayer Station, Antarctica
Picture: 89
Filename: thumb_iceberg_sunset2.jpg
Description: Table iceberg at sunrise, off Neumayer Station, Antarctica
Picture: 90
Filename: thumb_iceberg_weddell.jpg
Description: Table iceberg floating off Neumayer Station, Antarctica
Picture: 91
Filename: thumb_polarstern.jpg
Description: German Research Vessel Polarstern behind ice shelf, Neumayer Station, Antarctica
Picture: 92
Filename: thumb_polarstern_sunset.jpg
Description: F/S Polarstern cruising into the sunset
Picture: 93
Filename: thumb_seaice_breaking_up.jpg
Description: Close up of sea ice with ice algae breaking up, Weddell Sea
Picture: 94
Filename: thumb_seaice_breaking_up2.jpg
Description: Sea ice with ice algae breaking up, Weddell Sea
Picture: 95
Filename: thumb_ac_bathtub.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn next to her incubator on the Polarstern
Picture: 96
Filename: thumb_GRLV35N19cvr.jpg
Description: On the cover of GRL! Impact of a shrinking Arctic ice cover on marine primary production. Vol. 35. L19606 2008
Picture: 97
Filename: thumb_chl_A2009020_pssm_020.jpg
Description: The big bloom of 2009 in the Amundsen Sea
Picture: 98
Filename: thumb_DSCN6581.jpg
Description: The R/V N.B. Palmer in front of the Pine Island Glacier (January, 2009)
Picture: 99
Filename: thumb_DSCN6590.jpg
Description: Pine Island Glacier (January, 2009)
Picture: 100
Filename: thumb_icescapes.jpg
Description: ICESCAPES region (chlorophyll + ice, Arctic)
Picture: 101
Filename: thumb_Charlie-29.jpg
Description: Adelie penguins on the the ice (DynaLiFE cruise/NBP0901, photo by Charlie Thuroczy)
Picture: 102
Filename: thumb_CharlieT-39.jpg
Description: Emperor penguins up close (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901, photo by Charlie Thuroczy)
Picture: 103
Filename: thumb_DSCN5988.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn and Matt in the 'bubble' (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 104
Filename: thumb_DSCN6121.jpg
Description: Entering the sea-ice, coming from Punta Arenas, Chile (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 105
Filename: thumb_DSCN6163.jpg
Description: Niskin bottles on a rosette (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 106
Filename: thumb_DSCN6164.jpg
Description: Wiring mechanism rosette system (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 107
Filename: thumb_DSCN6165.jpg
Description: Spigots of Niskin bottles (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 108
Filename: thumb_DSCN6166.jpg
Description: Tripping wires of Niskin bottles on rosette (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 109
Filename: thumb_DSCN6172.jpg
Description: Sea ice (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 110
Filename: thumb_DSCN6176.jpg
Description: Matt filtering seawater in the cold room (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 111
Filename: thumb_DSCN6215.jpg
Description: Iceberg (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 112
Filename: thumb_DSCN6227.jpg
Description: Iceberg as seen from the bridge (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 113
Filename: thumb_DSCN6245.jpg
Description: Rosette being lowered near the ice edge (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 114
Filename: thumb_DSCN6259.jpg
Description: Ice algae soup (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 115
Filename: thumb_DSCN6261.jpg
Description: Preparing to launch the trace metal clean titatium frame (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 116
Filename: thumb_DSCN6266.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn light shocking her algae in the incubator (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 117
Filename: thumb_DSCN6271.jpg
Description: Clear water with no ice algae near the ice edge (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 118
Filename: thumb_DSCN6317.jpg
Description: Docked at the ice edge (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 119
Filename: thumb_DSCN6321.jpg
Description: Rosette in clear waters near the Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 120
Filename: thumb_DSCN6324.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn on the bridge watching the N/B Palmer break ice (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 121
Filename: thumb_DSCN6342.jpg
Description: Preparing the messenger (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 122
Filename: thumb_DSCN6380.jpg
Description: Waiting for the ice to move so the rosette can be deployed (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 123
Filename: thumb_DSCN6470.jpg
Description: Deck incubator near the Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 124
Filename: thumb_DSCN6497.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn doing maintenance on the deck incubator (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 125
Filename: thumb_DSCN6544.jpg
Description: The DynaLiFe team (Gert, Anne-Carlijn, Charlie, Matt, Patrick, Chris) (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 126
Filename: thumb_DSCN6570.jpg
Description: Patrick carrying a full Niskin bottle to the heli deck (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 127
Filename: thumb_DSCN6574.jpg
Description: Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 128
Filename: thumb_DSCN6585.jpg
Description: Stanford DynaLifers (Matt, Anne-Carlijn, Gert)
Picture: 129
Filename: thumb_DSCN6593.jpg
Description: Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 130
Filename: thumb_DSCN6605.jpg
Description: Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 131
Filename: thumb_DSCN6616.jpg
Description: Very white sea ice chunks in front of Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 132
Filename: thumb_DSCN6618.jpg
Description: Deploying a trace metal clean Niskin bottle on a nylon rope (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 133
Filename: thumb_DSCN6660.jpg
Description: Pine Island Glacer (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 134
Filename: thumb_DSCN6673.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn sampling trace metal clean (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 135
Filename: thumb_DSCN6693.jpg
Description: Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 136
Filename: thumb_DSCN6721.jpg
Description: Blue ice (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 137
Filename: thumb_DSCN6729.jpg
Description: Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 138
Filename: thumb_DSCN6744.jpg
Description: Matt and Anne-Carlijn filtering in the cold room (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 139
Filename: thumb_DSCN6820.jpg
Description: Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 140
Filename: thumb_DSCN6836.jpg
Description: Pine Island Glacier (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 141
Filename: thumb_DSCN6879.jpg
Description: Tabular iceberg (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 142
Filename: thumb_DSCN6933.jpg
Description: Emperor penguins up close (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 143
Filename: thumb_DSCN6977.jpg
Description: N/B Palmer docked in the ice
Picture: 144
Filename: thumb_DSCN6979.jpg
Description: DynaLiFers in front of N/B Palmer (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 145
Filename: thumb_DSCN7018.jpg
Description: Tabular iceberg and sea ice (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 146
Filename: thumb_DSCN7059.jpg
Description: Nozy emperor penguin (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 147
Filename: thumb_DSCN7068.jpg
Description: Breaking ice (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 148
Filename: thumb_DSCN7079.jpg
Description: Breaking ice (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 149
Filename: thumb_DSCN7083.jpg
Description: Breaking ice (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 150
Filename: thumb_DSCN7130.jpg
Description: Crabeater seal (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 151
Filename: thumb_DSCN7136.jpg
Description: Weathered iceberg (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 152
Filename: thumb_DSCN7138.jpg
Description: Dirty iceberg (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 153
Filename: thumb_DSCN7211.jpg
Description: New ice forming (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 154
Filename: thumb_DSCN7263.jpg
Description: Matt washing more bottles (DynaLiFe cruise/NBP0901)
Picture: 155
Filename: thumb_barents_swirls.jpg
Description: Chlorophyll swirls in the Barents Sea (Arctic)
Picture: 156
Filename: thumb_npmodel.jpg
Description: Part of Matt's ETSP boxmodel showing that N:P ratios of phytoplankton affect N-fixation (Nature Geoscience doi:10.1038/ngeo856)
Picture: 157
Filename: thumb_ben_comp.jpg
Description: Ben working on his sea ice model
Picture: 158
Filename: thumb_patrick_sampling.jpg
Description: Patrick ready to sample his phytoplankton cultures
Picture: 159
Filename: thumb_matt_zFRRF.jpg
Description: Matt measuring fluorescence parameters of phytoplankton cultures under dynamic light with a multispectral FRRF
Picture: 160
Filename: thumb_icescape.jpg
Description: Impacts of Climate change on the Eco-Systems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment (ICESCAPE)
Picture: 161
Filename: thumb_dye_ris_cavity.jpg
Description: Tasha modeling the distribution of a dye under the Ross Ice Shelf (doi:10.1016/j.csr.2010.01.007)
Picture: 162
Filename: thumb_FCO2_arctic.jpg
Description: Annual mean air-sea flux of CO2 (FCO2) in the Arctic (doi:10.1029/2009JG001224)
Picture: 163
Filename: thumb_DSCN1714.jpg
Description: Arctic Icescape (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 164
Filename: thumb_DSCN1750.jpg
Description: Zach and Elliot filtering (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 165
Filename: thumb_DSCN1808.jpg
Description: Polar bear sighting (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 166
Filename: thumb_DSCN1824.jpg
Description: USCGC Healy at an ice-station (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 167
Filename: thumb_DSCN1854.jpg
Description: Breaking ice (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 168
Filename: thumb_DSCN1885.jpg
Description: Standing in a melt pond (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 169
Filename: thumb_DSCN1887.jpg
Description: Standing in a melt pond (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 170
Filename: thumb_DSCN1899.jpg
Description: Arrigo-Icescape team, Zach, Matt, Gert, Kevin, Kate, Molly and Haley (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 171
Filename: thumb_DSCN1913.jpg
Description: USCGC Healy at an ice-station (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 172
Filename: thumb_DSCN1915.jpg
Description: Sampling melt ponds (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 173
Filename: thumb_DSCN1930.jpg
Description: Molly, Kate and Haley (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 174
Filename: thumb_DSCN1946.jpg
Description: Chief scientist Kevin in front of Healy (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 175
Filename: thumb_DSCN1967.jpg
Description: Sampling the ice (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 176
Filename: thumb_DSCN1976.jpg
Description: Fancy filter funnel covers; Kate and Zach (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 177
Filename: thumb_DSCN1978.jpg
Description: Walrusses (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 178
Filename: thumb_DSCN1989.jpg
Description: Zach, Matt and Kate ready to go on the ice for sampling (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 179
Filename: thumb_DSCN1995.jpg
Description: Going down... (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 180
Filename: thumb_DSCN2009.jpg
Description: Zach, Elliot and Gert sampling the rosette (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 181
Filename: thumb_DSCN2026.jpg
Description: Arrigo-Icescape team, Gert, Kevin, Matt, Kate, Molly, Zach and Haley (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 182
Filename: thumb_DSCN2031.jpg
Description: Kate and meltponds (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 183
Filename: thumb_DSC0040.jpg
Description: Gert, Kate and Anne-Carlijn embarking on a new Antarctic adventure (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 184
Filename: thumb_DSC0049.jpg
Description: Kate and Anne-Carlijn ready to sail to Antarctic (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 185
Filename: thumb_DSC0139.jpg
Description: Filter time! (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 186
Filename: thumb_DSC0179.jpg
Description: Iceberg with cave (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 187
Filename: thumb_DSC0204.jpg
Description: Kate coloring styrofoam cups to be shrunk deep in the ocean (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 188
Filename: thumb_DSC0285.jpg
Description: Filter time (again)! (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 189
Filename: thumb_DSC0295.jpg
Description: N.B. Palmer docking at the ice edge (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 190
Filename: thumb_DSC0325.jpg
Description: Collectors of a fancy sediment trap to be deployed in the Amundsen Polynya (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 191
Filename: thumb_DSC0333.jpg
Description: Deploying a pump to collect particles at depths near the ice edge (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 192
Filename: thumb_DSC0393.jpg
Description: Icebergs (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 193
Filename: thumb_DSC0396.jpg
Description: Iceberg with blue holes (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 194
Filename: thumb_DSC0403.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn admiring an iceberg (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 195
Filename: thumb_DSC0417.jpg
Description: Stanford-ASPIRE team: Anne-Carlijn, Gert and Kate (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 196
Filename: thumb_DSC0473.jpg
Description: Christmas Eve on the Ice with the R.V. N.B Palmer (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 197
Filename: thumb_DSC0620.jpg
Description: Green ice-edge bloom in the Amundsen Polynya (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 198
Filename: thumb_DSC0622.jpg
Description: Green ice-edge bloom in the Amundsen Polynya (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 199
Filename: thumb_DSC0678.jpg
Description: Penguins near the bow (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 200
Filename: thumb_DSC0702.jpg
Description: Adelie penguins saying hi (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 201
Filename: thumb_DSC0732.jpg
Description: Iceberg in the seaice (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 202
Filename: thumb_DSC0742.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn showing sample bottles in the incubator (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 203
Filename: thumb_DSC0743.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn inspecting sample bottles in the on-deck incubators (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 204
Filename: thumb_DSC0783.jpg
Description: Sampling near an iceberg (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 205
Filename: thumb_DSC0790.jpg
Description: Gert watching out for icebergs (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 206
Filename: thumb_DSC0835.jpg
Description: Mom and baby orca in the channel to McMurdo Station (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 207
Filename: thumb_DSC0863.jpg
Description: Adelie saying cheese (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 208
Filename: thumb_DSC0887.jpg
Description: Clear water and no sea ice algae (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 209
Filename: thumb_DSC0903.jpg
Description: Swedish icebreaker Oden breaking the channel to McMurdo Station (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 210
Filename: thumb_DSC0906.jpg
Description: (Probably the best icebreaker) Oden, worth waiting for? (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 211
Filename: thumb_DSC0916.jpg
Description: Swedish icebreaker Oden turning around in the channel (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 212
Filename: thumb_DSC0947.jpg
Description: Transport to the airport at McMurdo Station: Ivan the Terra Bus (ASPIRE/NBP1005)
Picture: 213
Filename: thumb_IMG_1719.jpg
Description: Anne-Carlijn prepping the tracemetal clean CTD (ASPIRE/NBP1005) [Photo by Silke Severmann]
Picture: 214
Filename: thumb_IMG_1747.jpg
Description: Kate, Anne-Carlijn and Gert in the Trace Metal Clean Van (ASPIRE/NBP1005) [Photo by Silke Severmann]
Picture: 215
Filename: thumb_DSCN2353.jpg
Description: Iceberg + reflection [Oden cruise OSO1011]
Picture: 216
Filename: thumb_DSCN2361.jpg
Description: Iceberg with caves [Oden cruise OSO1011]
Picture: 217
Filename: thumb_VID00054.jpg
Description: Matt steering the zodiac away from the Oden to sample the ice [Oden cruise OSO1011]
Picture: 218
Filename: thumb_adelie2.jpg
Description: Matt with two new friends [Oden cruise OSO1011]
Picture: 219
Filename: thumb_icescape_2010_stations_chl_20100622.png
Description: Icescape 2010 N. Chukchi Stations, chlorophyll and ice mask (Icescape/HLY1001)
Picture: 220
Filename: thumb_1997_satellite.jpg
Description: 1997 Timeseries of sea ice, SST and Chl a in the Bering Sea by Zach
Picture: 221
Filename: thumb_IMG_1404_zach.jpg
Description: Zach on the Ice (Oden cruise OSO1011)
Picture: 222
Filename: thumb_DSC0125.jpg
Description: Shanique sampling from CTD/Rosette (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 223
Filename: thumb_DSC0144.jpg
Description: Meltponds (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 224
Filename: thumb_DSC0157.jpg
Description: Flasks for simulated in situ production (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 225
Filename: thumb_DSC0155.jpg
Description: Hoefer filtration block (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 226
Filename: thumb_DSC0184.jpg
Description: Sampling on the ice (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 227
Filename: thumb_DSC0201.jpg
Description: Tricky CTD deployment (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 228
Filename: thumb_DSC0206.jpg
Description: Rope (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 229
Filename: thumb_DSC0215.jpg
Description: Melt ponds (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 230
Filename: thumb_DSC0241.jpg
Description: Pulling the Healy (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 231
Filename: thumb_DSC0249.jpg
Description: Shanique and Greg sampling (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 232
Filename: thumb_DSC_7014.jpg
Description: Arrigo-team (Kevin, Shanique, Kate, Matt, Alessandra, Zach, Gert, Icescape/HLY1101, picture by Karen Frey)
Picture: 233
Filename: thumb_IMG_3943.jpg
Description: Another day on the ice... (Matt, Kevin, Zach, Icescape/HLY1101, picture by Kathryn Hansen)
Picture: 234
Filename: thumb_IMG_3970.jpg
Description: Polar bear off the bow (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 235
Filename: thumb_290705_2108423269429.jpg
Description: Matt putting back experiment bottles in incubator (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 236
Filename: thumb_321750_2108422349406.jpg
Description: Kevin doing chlorophylls (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 237
Filename: thumb_322856_2108406829018.jpg
Description: Alessandra ready to filter (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 238
Filename: thumb_323063_2108412429158.jpg
Description: Kevin and Matt ready to deploy CTD (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 239
Filename: thumb_325849_2108415669239.jpg
Description: Walrus on the bow (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 240
Filename: thumb_328560_2108449590087.jpg
Description: Ice sampling (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 241
Filename: thumb_336847_2108421269379.jpg
Description: Alessandra sampling from the rosette (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 242
Filename: thumb_336936_2108447670039.jpg
Description: Kate outfitted to go on the ice (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 243
Filename: thumb_337611_2108458910320.jpg
Description: Icescape (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 244
Filename: thumb_338954_2108450190102.jpg
Description: More ice cores (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 245
Filename: thumb_338607_2108450550111.jpg
Description: Cookies and candy to stay warm on the ice (Icescape/HLY1101)
Picture: 246
Filename: thumb_mixedlayers.jpg
Description: Impacts of subsurface chlorophyll max on production estimates (JGR, VOL. 116, C11022, 2011, doi:10.1029/2011JC007273)
Picture: 247
Filename: thumb_fvfm_ac.jpg
Description: Fv/Fm traces of light inhibition experiments in the Drake Passage (DSR I:58(9), 2011, doi:10.1016/j.dsr.2011.07.001)
Picture: 248
Filename: thumb_bering_sst_climat.png
Description: SST climatology in the Bering Sea (JGR, VOL. 116, C08014, 2011, doi:10.1029/2010JC006766)
Picture: 249
Filename: thumb_arctic_prod.png
Description: Annual cycles of open water and primary production for the Arctic Ocean (JGR, VOL. 116, C09011, 2011, doi:10.1029/2011JC007151)
Picture: 250
Filename: thumb_mine_ps1_2.jpg
Description: Light harvesting and electron transport proteins in Synechococcus and Prochlorococcus, incl. PBS, PSI and PSII (AME 65, 2011, doi:10.3354/ame01528)
Picture: 251
Filename: thumb_dsr_cover_2012.jpg
Description: DynaLiFe Cover Special Issue Deep Sea Research II
Picture: 252
Filename: thumb_underice_bloom.jpg
Description: The under ice bloom in the Arctic
Picture: 253
Filename: thumb_aloft_conn_2011-187-024100.jpg
Description: Station 56 HLY1101 - Location under ice bloom (Healy Aloft Conn picture)
Picture: 254
Filename: thumb_DSC0670_20121213.jpg
Description: Holiday Lab Party Dec.13, 2012
Picture: 255
Filename: thumb_jgrc12330-fig-0001.jpg
Description: Internal structure of sea ice, including the important slush layer (JGR, C05007, 2012, doi:10.1029/2011JC007544)
Picture: 256
Filename: thumb_amundsen_wordle.jpg
Description: Amundsen Sea phytoplankton wordle
Picture: 257
Filename: thumb_volleyball_champs_2013.jpg
Description: 2013 EESS-ES Volleybal Champions Arrigo Knights (Sophie, Aaron, Kevin, Kate Le, Zach)
Picture: 258
Filename: thumb_dsr2_underice_full.jpg
Description: Deep-Sea Research II Special Issue: The Phytoplankton Megabloom beneath Arctic Sea Ice: Results from the ICESCAPE Program
Picture: 259
Filename: thumb_dsr2_underice_zoom.jpg
Description: Deep-See Research II Special Issue: The Phytoplankton Megabloom beneath Arctic Sea Ice: Results from the ICESCAPE Program
Picture: 260
Filename: thumb_jgrc20864_cover.jpg
Description: On the cover of Journal Geophysical Research August 2015