Shipping Address:
 Gert van Dijken
 Geophysics, Mitchell Bldg.
 397 Panama Mall, Room 324
 Stanford, CA 94305-2215

Billing Address P-Card:
 397 Panama Mall, Room 324
 Stanford, CA 94305

Billing Address Travel Card:
 473 Via Ortega
 Y2E2 Bldg Rm 140
 Stanford, CA 94305

Directions by Car to Mitchell at 397 Panama Mall (not Panama Street):
 From Campus Drive take Santa Teresa St all the way to the end
 Turn left on Duena St
 Turn left at first STOP sign (Panama Mall), one way, looks like a bike lane
 Mitchell Building will be the 3rd building  on the right at intersection with Lomita Mall
 Loading zone parking (20 min.) on right side building
 Map of Mitchell Building Location