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PuTTY Setup with SSH and X11

1. Download PuTTY: Google download putty or go directly to the PuTTY Download Page. Right-click on the putty.exe link. Select 'Save link as...' and save it in your 'My Documents' folder (the only folder you have permissions to save files on the A65 PCs).

2. Start Xming and PuTTY: Start the X-Window server Xming first (Start -> All Programs -> Xming -> Xming). Then start PuTTY; open the 'My Documents' folder and double click on the 'putty' icon.

3. Create a session: Enter ocean.stanford.edu under 'Host Name' and under 'Saved Sessions'.

4. Enable X11: Click on the 'plus' of the SSH category, select X11, and check 'Enable X11 forwarding'.

5. Save session and Connect: Select the 'Session' category, and click on 'Save'. Connect to ocean.stanford.edu by clicking on 'Open'.

6. Accept key: After connectiing for the first time a pop-up window will appear, click on yes to accept the secure key.

7. Log in: After accepting the key it will prompt for a login name. Use gp235. Enter password and you are in! Check if X11 works by starting a simple program that uses X11, like xclock.

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